Startup Adventures

Sep 1

My new startup - EditionGuard

After five years of working as a contractor in software development, I’ve decided to try something new and better with much greater potential. I want to build and develop a web startup, all for myself!

Thanks to the years I put in to contracting work, I already have a company setup (Kodelite Ltd.) with a good history, as well as some infrastructure investments, particularly an Adobe Content Server E-Book DRM system setup. As an official Adobe Solution Provider for this product, my company is able to provide clients with DRM services for their e-books. Since the Content Server software license alone costs thousands of dollars ($10k at the time of this writing) many small publishers and some larger ones are unable to invest in it. Therefore, I decided to base my first web startup on this service, and EditionGuard was born. My goal with this project is to provide a service for self-publishers and publishers where they can upload their e-books from a simple interface, then integrate the secure e-book download with their own website using code libraries I’ll be providing on the site. 

As an advocate of the lean startup practice, I whipped up a quick prototype of the website and pricing details which doesn’t fully function yet. I’m hoping to get some feedback on the pricing as well as other aspects of the business while moving forward with the development.

So now that I’m at the point of starting actual development, I’m where I need to find the right tools for the job. But that’s for another day and another blog post. :)